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3d Printing

Character Modeling for Ball Jointed Dolls, Toys, and collectibles

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Character Modeling

Character Modeling for realtime and toys.

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Virtual Reality and Location Based Entertainment

Unicron Studios First VR game, Features a low poly model of Michael Faraday. The Scientist who discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction.

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About UniCron Studios

Unicron Studios  : Mission Statement  -“To create innovative technology that gives agency to your imagination through Games and Additive Manufacturing.   This Company was started in 2014 by Jim Inziello, with the intention of starting a small, interactive, location based entertainment venue.  A place for kids who want to learn how to make amazing custom toys through the principles of […]

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Expert Service, Design, Prototyping, and Finishing 3d product company. Our current 3d Printer is a modified Makerbot Replicator 2X printer. It has the resolution of  0.1mm layer height in Z and 0.001mm positioning accuracy in the X and Y.  Small details may go beyond the ability to accurately print . In this case, we can arrange to have it […]

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Check out our entire design catalog here at Get on the email list for updates on the latest in collectible and customizable 3d printed Designs.   #SailorMoon inspired #3dprinted #jewelry @Shapeways. #ginzuishou #銀座上 #セーラームーン Sherlock Scowl: Full color 3d printed sculpture This little guy is seriously on the case.  His magnifying glass is simulated, but his […]