Mar 102014

 It’s Futurist Fridays!

We are now on twitch! on the Creative Channel.

Every Friday, 9pm Eastern

Live Sculpting in Zbrush or Fusion 360

  • Every #FuturistFriday, you’ll be able to chat with Jim as he talks about what he’s learned this week, while he sips on a cocktail and Models something for our #IndieGame



Patreon Some great new promotional offers for those who would like to back Jim’s endeavors

Wrought Iron Heart Pendant

Whipped up this little 3d model last night. Wrought Iron Heart Pendant (3d printed in stainless Steel, and other special metals).  It is loadable with scented oil and it has a radiator surface to “cook” the oil based on the wearer’s body temperature.  Available at @Shapeways!


Turnip Prince Porcelain Prototype

This is a fan art design by Jim Inziello from a very popular movie in China called Monster Hunt. He created an opening at the top to fill the Prince with growing medium/soil so you can have him grow chia seed from his head.  This is one of two #3dprinted Porcelain Prototypes that we had printed via #Shapeways.

monsterhunter_PROMO copy

It’s Tiki Doctor V!

The Hannya Mask Project


The first of 5 Collectible ScOwls

He’s available at ShapeWays in multiple materials

Test of PLA- on freshly modified REP2X

#skydoll #noaSkyDollSlice

I was adding some details using Zbrush’s new poly editing tools on a small face from my BJD. I decided to refine the model a bit, adding some more details, and then I started to realize that I was getting her to look like Noa from the beautiful comic book Sky Doll.

For those of you not familiar with PLA, it’s a Plastic made with Corn. Most of the Consumer level printers use PLA because of it’s lower print temp and tendency not to warp.  When I first got my Printer, I was under the impression that it would be able to do PLA, But the extruder path had some troubles doing that.  I’ve modified my machine with an extruder from Robo Savvy, a nifty UK website.


The Spider Jerusalem Print



Some 3d Printed Jewelry Offerings From UniCron Studios

Check them out in other materials! Prices may be as much as 70% off
 preferred materials and still look and feel awesome!


Some of the new metals are actually cast and polished like traditional lost wax method rings. The Steel with infused/plated metals art done using state of the art Selective Layer Sintering into metal powder, with LASERS!

Here is Zarianna BJD in 123D Catch


 Celebrating 14 years of developing what will eventually be both an epic story and a functioning automaton.

I’ve created an informal timeline of the Zarianna 3dprinted prototype. She started off as an experiment in Maya 1.0 back when I was learning nurbs modeling. I created my first water tight model and emailed it to Stratus Systems Back in 2001 (it was based on Bjork).  Over the next few years I drew many more sketches and started developing a science fiction story about her, while working in simulation and then video games. After experimenting with paper clay, polymer clay, silicon molding and casting in resin, I purchased my first 3d printer for prototyping both the doll and automatons.

-Jim Inziello

After the doll’s ball joint system is ready for production, we will be doing a limited run of resin cast BJDs and then we will expand from there. Jim plans on releasing select passages from the story with resulting iterations of Doll parts.

To support him, and show interest in this project, please visit his Patreon Page


Follow the UniCron Studios page on Facebook, To keep up with the latest community outreach and 3dprinting education and art news from UniCron Studios!

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Oct 302013

What I’m up to this week:

Molly’s head sculpt.  My first highres likeness.  Now on to finishing the character and creating the game topology/textures.



  • I’m working on my next gen sculpture/ map gen technique – Test character will be Molly from Neuromancer


  • Edd Norris (programmer) and I are developing a game for release on tablets and phones
  • Going to try to get in contact with Sole Scenic to determine if 3d game development and theme park attractions can be combined into something new and amazing.
  • Did this little Mockup for the Elio Motors facebook page.


Last week, we failed to have a completed game by the end of it, but I had a great time at the Global Game Jam hosted at Full Sail.

Our main character



The cursed Rosencatz was to hallucinate his way from the bottom of the pit. Rising Water and a black cloud threatens to drown him. A Brown Stone Spire dominates the background. He was to jump from platform to platform, choosing what color to hallucinate in, mid jump, thus solidifying a new block to land on, and make his escape to the top.

I’m Participating in Global Game Jam 2014

follow our exploits on twitter #GGJ14


It’s the Mighty Monarch!



Currently I’m looking for new contracts and I’m working on Starting a Studio.

Email me if you are interested in commission of 3d fx, modeling, or other art services; at

 Here are all Four Tiki Mugs in full glory



Tiki Mugs!

Tiki Mugs!



This week flew by.  Anyway, yesterday I discovered the finer points of cufflinks, at least one side must fit through the button hole.  Anyway, a trip to the store for 2 part screw necklace fittings and a cut with the dremel.. I’ll make these damn things work!


Picture of my Killinger Tiki and the Spider Jerusalem Cufflink Prototypes (pre-sawing).

I’m Back to life! I’ve been a very busy bee over the last two weeks. Was making things and burning the midnight oil to make amazing stuff at n-Space, but I’m back to normal hours.

sometimes, you have to make a sacrifice.


Here is the most recent work I’ve done on Dr. Orpheus.


Reworking Dr. Venture Tiki-Mug  this week, and I plan on starting Dr. Orpheus.

in route from the 3d printer is the Dr. Killinger plug/prototype and 2 Spider Jerusalem Cufflinks.  I expect them to be as awesome as my Pirate-Cat Logo was.


Dr. Killinger Tiki-Mug is done.

Check him out:ShapeWaysZello3d


Dr. Killenger Tiki-Tumbler. He’s much cheaper now that I made it really thin. Though I wouldn’t recommend doing it in Ceramics, Leave that to me.

When the printout is made, I’m going to use a layer of clay that I’ll put inside that shape and that will basically form the Inner wall of the cup, which will be easier to clean when you put it in the dishwasher . I will use slip clay and pour it into a plaster of Paris master mold, let it dry, then pull it apart and put that resulting clay part into a Kiln to fire it.

Going back to Dr. Venture to give him more wooden feel and a thinner edge.  Helper is also going to have to be thinner for printing/economic purposes. is back up!

After the string event with my Cat Jaxx, I’ve got a great Idea for the story arc of the next comic.  It really ties things together. :)

But look at this thing!



I’m very happy with his look, so much so that I’m going to go back to Dr. Venture and make him a little more wood like.

Next up, Dr. Killenger.


Week Of July, 12th, 2013 is still down, having trouble getting my domain to redirect to a static page.  I’ve never had this problem in the past, so please bare with me until I can figure it out.

I just got my first Shapeways Sculpt in the mail, and it’s beautiful.  I’ll be making a silicon mold of it soon, and I’ll start popping out a dozen of them or so.



I’ve got the sculpture bug now, and I already finished a Rusty Venture Tiki Mug that is at my Shapeways site. Next up is a H.E.L.PeR Tiki Mug, Then Doctor Orpheus and Doctor Killenger.


Getting my website back in order.  Then I’ll re-wire up

Also, trying to get things cleaned up on the home front.  Lot’s of toys discovered in boxes in my parent’s attic, which need to find a home.

Earlier, I spent some time with Brittany at Stardust.  We talked about things and I worked on getting the feet of my Automatons proper sized and sculpted.

News flash, I think Stratasys bought Makerbot , so hopefully the price won’t go over $2,200.


Re-doing my pirate-cats logo, so it’s got some more detail, and in profile it looks more cat like.

It is currently going through the upload process, but it will be available soon.  (click on Straight from my brain meats, to order the hat pin directly from Shapways.  –note; pin not included, I plan on using 2 strontium magnets, one of which I will resin into my print.  I’m also thinking about casting (making a silicon master mold) the print, to bring down the price if people want one.

Also, in 3d printing world, I’m making some Spider Jerusalem cuff links.  I’ll probably just print them out to wear, (and paint the lenses red and green), but It would be cool to make a Sliver cast of them too.

These are going to be on Shapeways soon, though I think I'd like to cast them in silver  myself.

These are going to be on Shapeways soon, though I think I’d like to cast them in silver myself.