Updating the VFX Portfolio




Shot break downs of the new VFX Reel running in Unreal.

The Android Bull :

These assets will also go into a game I’m working on.

Bull textures in Substance Painter.

VFX Breakdown

1. Shattering Columns. (complex shatter sim from Houdini, in unreal

2. Smashing teapots and cups

3. Breaking window and glass shards

4. Sucking wind effects Bits and bobs, including chairs (exported GPU based Houdini Effect)

5. Shop, cabinets, lamps, lights, crystals items on display

6. Finish Bull, build custom rig, automate process with python, and animate in maya, Run, Left, Right, head smashing .

Here is the first series of camera shots in engine.  I wound up changing them around a couple of times to better show the flow of the scene.

Here is the completed paint over, with some plans for architecture and specific calls for VFX annotated at the bottom of each shot.


Rachael Rosen:

Also in the works, will be a small vignette of Rachael from blade runner.



VFX Task Breakdown:

1. sheeting water particles
2. splashup water (fixed and collision driven
3. Rain sheeting variety
4. Puddling / splashing water decal
5. Fire Ball of off gassing, GPU

This is part of a mini-art installation that I’ll be doing at a Local Comic Book/Games shop known as Gods And Monsters (in Orlando).

Rachael will be sitting at an old desk, with and Umbrella, in the rain. This will be a scene that you can only view in VR at the Event. I will also have limited edition 3d printed Art Kits, based on the models in the scene, available for purchase the day of the event. This is my first foray into virtual galleries and activations.


Bonus! This Unicorn was recently animated using some new tricks Jim learned from Pluralsight.



White Quartz Dragon:

And finally, For a more magical Fantasy angle, I’ve been working on a White Quartz Dragon, attacking with a deadly Ice attack.


Questions? Let Jim know what you are thinking!